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    Pacific Poker is a poker room on the recommended list for beginning players. They have low table limits (nickel and dime ante) and low tournament buy-ins (under $2.50), so you can get in a lot of play for a little money. And if you're just trying online poker, getting some real money table experience on the cheap is a good idea.
    There are a few other reasons I feel safe recommending Pacific to new players. The cards are dealt a little slower there, so it's easier to see what's going on. Cards are dealt faster online than face-to-face at any room, but at Pacific they are slower than most places. Also, players can only play one table at a time. Not so at other rooms online. Those two factors tend to keep the "online pros" out of the room since they can't get in as many hands per hour and "maximize" their profits. So, Pacific tends to be a "new player friendly" room.

Poker Directory

The internet is filled with poker information right now. I've put together a list of poker websites and broken them down by topic, so you can use the list of pages on the left to jump right to say, "poker software". The sites listed on this page include some of the better sites on the net.

Poker Prophet - A guide to online poker that I wrote for the guys at the bar. We play tournaments pretty often, at someone or else's party, and telling them all to come to Online dash Poker dash Rules dot Net got tedious. PokerProphet was a lot easier for them to remember.

Unknown Poker - a website that offers something different to online poker players. Most people are aware of the "big" poker rooms that run ads on television, and have banners decorating most of the internet. The Unknown Poker author writes about the smaller rooms that many players aren't aware of. Smaller poker rooms are not the same as the larger ones, and they bring their own set of pros and cons. Check out Unknown Poker for some insights to the games at the smaller poker rooms online.

Strategy Poker - is a growing poker site that with articles that range from "How to get your wife into poker" to "How to organize a charity poker tournament". I fully expect the list of articles to keep growing, and enjoy reading what they have to offer.

Poker Tomorrow - I came across this site recently, which makes sense because it hasn't been around that long. I know the guy behind it, and I expect great things from it, to be honest. I'd say put this on your visit list, and then consider a bookmark while you're there. - A comprehensive Texas Hold'em poker information site, featuring advice for beginners, online poker tournament schedules, and an active poker forum with over 15,000 members.

Poker MeetUp - the "meetup" websites are huge messageboard/databases that try to help people in the real world connect with each other. The poker version heps poker players find other poker players for some face-to-face poker action. If you're interested in finding others in your area to play poker with, this is a great place to start looking.

PokerPulse - PokerPulse is a unique website. The provide "realtime" player counts for the most established poker rooms and poker networks. You can visiti the site, and see what the average player counts are at a particular poker room before downloading the room and finding out that they don't have enough players to support your favorite game at your favorite limits.

Internet Poker Strategy Guide - is the home of the Party Poker Hand Replayer. A program that allows people to paste their hand histories from Party Poker (or other IGM rooms like Empire) into a box, and the program then re-enacts the hands. It's a great learning tool, as it's sometimes easier to "see" how things went then to understand them just from reading the hand history.

Card Games - a highly informative website with information on various card games. Not limited to poker, but there is a fantastic poker section with information and links to sites dealing with: poker rules and variants, face to face poker, online poker, poker software, books, chips and other equiptment.

WPT Insider - a great "fansite" opf the World Poker Tour. There is lots of up-to-date informaton at this news source, focused on the WPT and it's players of course.

Flop Turn River - The No Limit Texas Holdem Strategy Guide - is an interesting poker site. The author makes use of the party poker hand replayer and some hand histories to clearly illustrate some basic holdem concepts. There is a lot of information at this site, mostly strategy for texas holdem, and it includes charts and hand histories as well as commentary. They also have a forum, and some active poker conversations.

Poker Rules - from A website that lists the rules to over 3 dozen variations on traditional poker games.

More Poker Websites:

Holdem Bonus - Provides online poker room reviews. Compare security, traffic, promotions, software at a wide range of pokersites. Learn texas holdem, omaha and seven card stud at our comprehensive pokerrules page.

Online Poker Tutor - A comprehensive guide to online poker. Includes rules, strategies, and room reviews. - find the best online poker! is the leading online poker guide, featuring the world’s largest poker directory, reviews on all poker rooms, top lists of best poker games and poker rules. Find where to play free poker online in our daily free roll schedules!

The Poker Project - Description: A directory of online poker rooms reviewed by the players themselves. Also includes rules of the most popular poker games, and poker articles offering strategy tips and tactics.

Poker Rules - one of the earlier card rules websites. They have methods of play for classics such as Chicago and Liars Poker as well as information on "house" poker games like Caribbean Stud and Pai Gow.

Online Poker Rooms - recaps some of the larger online poker rooms. You can also find information on no download poker rooms, no deposit offers, tournaments, and more, including occasional news updates.

Play Online Poker - is a website that offers recaps of various online poker rooms. There is information about the heavyweights like Party Poker and Empire. There is also information on some of the prima rooms, like River Belle and Lucky Nugget.

Poker.Net - Your online Poker Network - Poker.Net was created to be the player’s one stop Poker Shop. We are committed to provide the online Poker player with anticipated, timely and relevant content, tools and service. We continuously update Poker.Net in order to increase the visitor’s enjoyment of everything this great game has to offer..

The Online Poker Guide - Online poker site reviews, tournament schedules, bonus money promotions and a poker book store.

The Internet Poker Guide - Top sites and top promotions in the world of Internet poker.

Poker Works - Stories from both sides of the green felt.

Poker Press - Online poker resource. Room reviews and player counts, poker and gambling news, basic poker info and more.

Poker Patrol: Rounding up the very best online poker rooms.

Poker Rules Games Tables - Links to several different online card rooms, including some of the better "value" ones ($10 free offers, $1 tournaments, etc.).

Genius Poker - a listing of news articles from the far reaches of the poker world.

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