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Poker Articles

- February 18th, 2007 -
I've recently made updates to the poker variants pages, and have decided to update my page on Home Poker Games, the kind that you played with your Uncle many years before anyone knew what Texas Holdem was. Includes links to some of the larger Poker Variants webpages on the net.

- January 20th, 2007 -
Every poker tournament that doesn't end in a deal does end in a heads up match. Everyone knows that the values of a starting hand change with the number of players seated at the table. They really change when the game is down to the final two contestants. If you want to know just how much, look over the heads up starting hands with a positive expected value against a random hand chart.

- December 6th, 2006 -
Sun Poker got in touch with me to remind me about their 100 free seats to the WSOP in Vegas promotion. After looking it over, I thought I'd better write up a recap because it's different, and interesting. If you're a cash game player looking for a little more than a reload bonus, check out the workings of the One Sick Promo campaign from Sun Poker.

- December 4th, 2006 -
With the holiday season on us, many of the poker rooms are pulling out all of the stops when it comes to tournament action and stepped up player rewards. I'll probably be posting a good deal of "December Holdiay Events" information over the coming week or two.

The first series of events I want to mention are those taking place at Dream Poker. You can see a list and descriptions of their stepped up offerings on the Dream Poker December Freerolls page.

- November 29th, 2006 -
Taping has begun for the television series Poker After Dark which will air on NBC late at night. The show also marks the return of the very lovely Shana Hiatt to the world of television poker.

I recently came across a website offering the game of Duplicate Holdem which they tout as a skill-based version of the game of holdem. While I had thought of texas holdem as a skill game in the first place, they do offer a creative take on the popular card game that pits opponents in the same table position against each other.

7 Card Stud - Playing Third Street
This is an article that came to me via It's taken a while, but we're finally getting up some information for Stud poker players. This particular article focuses on playing third street in a game of 7 Card Stud.

Making A Deposit
This article deals with making a deposit at an online poker room. Of course there are plenty of jurisdictions in the world where such an action is frowned pon by the local governemnt, and anyone choosing to use this information must do so in accordance with the rules of their own locality.

Beginners Guide
I've moved this article here into the articles section. It talks about the very basics of poker, not just texas holdem, and is intended solely for complete beginners.

Private Poker Tournaments Online
In answer to a recurring question, I've put together this article on finding online poker rooms that will allow regular poker players to set up private tournaments.

The eCogra Seal of Approval
We've begun adding the eCogra Seal of Approval to the pages of our poker room reviews when the room has earned the seal. In this article you can find out more about eCogra, and what rooms need to do to earn their Seal of Approval.

Tournament vs Cash Game Poker
Tournaments and cash games, eventually everyone wants to try each of them. This article points out some of the differences you can find between these two types of poker.

Limit vs No Limiit Poker
While Texas Holdem tournaments are usually no limit poker events, limit poker is arguably the preferred betting style at the cash game tables. If you plan on moving between these two types of games, you should have an understanding of the differences in play between No Limit and Fixed Limit poker.

Online vs Offline Poker Games
There are some major differences between poker as it is played in the old-school face to face environemtn, and as it is played online. In this article I list not only the easy to see differences, but also some of the subtle changes that take place as you move from one style of poker to the other.

Poker Shorthand
Many of the message boards, poker articles, books, and even the banter in the chat boxes of an online poker room make use of many different shorthand poker terms. If you're not familiar with them, find out what people are really saying, and open up a wider world of information for yourself.

Bonus Hunting
One of the ways that poker rooms attract new players is to dangle bonus money in front of them. And, once palyers are through the doors, many poker rooms continue to pad player accounts with redepsit and recurring monthly bonuses. These bonuses can be a real help, or an additional source of income for the regular cash game player. Read more about bonuses and see if there are any offers that can help pad your bankroll.

Mac Poker Rooms
Poker rooms are geared towards players who have PC computers that run some kind of Windows operating system. That's not a big secret. But, there are poker rooms that have Mac-friendly tables. Some are no download, and some have fully downloadable poker software. Read more about the options that are open to Mac users in the online poker world.

Private Tables at the Online Poker Rooms
If you'd like to play some online poker, but don't trust the sharks out there, or perhaps you're deathly afraid of collusion, there are poker rooms that offer private tables. You can choose from a cash game table, a sit and go tournament, or a multi-table tournament depending upon the number of players you have. Read more about private online poker tables, and find something to fit your needs.

No Download Poker
There are several reasons for wanting to know where you can play some poker online, without having to download any software. Whether you're playing from work, a friend's laptop, or you just don't want to spend time downloading yet another program, read through this article and find out what options you have when it comes to playing poker online without downloading any programs.



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