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Party Poker Review


Party Poker offers three different bonuses new players can choose from:
- $25 Extra on First Deposit. Best for initial deposits under $125.

Use Bonus Code OPR25

- 20% up to $100 Extra on First Deposit. Best for first deposits over $125.

Use Bonus Code OPR100

Party Poker Review
Player Traffic
- No longer accepts US players.
- SnG's and Multi-table events
Game Variety
- covers basics. No exotic games offered.
- variety of sign up offers. Steady reload bonuses.
New Player Protection
- beginners only tables available.
Player Rewards
- closed their player's club
- no longer the big dog, but still a solid room.

This room is part of the IGM poker network.


I used the BONUSAUG bonus code for a 20% deposit bonus of up to $100 available to existing players as a reload bonus. So, after depositing $500 via neteller, I checked and the bonus money was instantly placed in my bonus account, with the condition that I pay 700 raked hands in the next 7 days. That's slightly over $.14 a raked hand, and I had to keep a 100 raked hand per day pace.

The room's raked hand counter racks up in almost real time, so I didn't have to wait until the following day to see how many raked hands I'd played. The room's definition of a raked hand is one where you see cards and the pot is raked. You do not need to place money into the pot for it to considered a raked hand.

On completion of the 700th raked hand, which took 7hr 45 min of double-tabling at $1/$2, the bonus was immediately released. Cash-out through neteller took less than 2hrs on a weekend afternoon.

Review Date: - Monday Aug 15, 2005

Room Tips:
- The numbers at the right hand top of the poker room window are linked to hand histories. You can use the hand histories to see what players mucked at the showdown.

Game Selection:

Party Poker runs ring games in 6-man, and 10-man tables. They also have several 9-man holdem tables running as well. Players are allowed to play several tables at once.

Texas Holdem:
Party deals fixed limit holdem ring games, with limits ranging from $.50/$1 to $100/$200. During my visit there were several full tables at any chosen limit, including the $100/$200 which had a waiting list of over a dozen players.

They also run no limit and pot limit ring games with max buy-ins starting at $25 (where the blinds are $.10/$.25) going all the way up to $2,000 max buy-in games (with blinds of $10/$20). There was action at every level, including over a dozen games at the $2,000 buy-in level when I stopped by.

Omaha Hi:
For Omaha Poker, the limit games top out at $15/$30, which was empty when I checked in. Admittedly I stopped in during off-peak hours, with only half the player traffic the room usually has (38,000 people compared to the 70,000+ that squeeze in during the rush hours). No action at the $10/$20 table either, but the room deals those limits. There were games at the $5/$10 tables.

For pot limit, the room offers the same max buy-in amounts as they do for holdem. There was action at the $2,000 pot limit tables.

There are no No Limit Omaha high tables.

Omaha 8 or Better:
For the Hi-Lo Omaha game, Party deals the same set of table limits plus an additional one at the $20/$40 level. There were players at all of them.

Once again, the room doesn't deal No Limit Omaha (either hi or hi-lo), but they do deal pot limit ring games with a max buy-in of $2,000 down to a max buy-in of $25. I found full tables at the top and bottom ends of that range. In between, at say the $600 table, there was no action.

7 Stud and 7 Stud Hi-Lo:
These games are dealt in limit betting only, and the limits offered run from $.5/$1 to $20/$40 for high Stud, and $.5/$1 to $10/$20 for hi-lo. Players at every limit, lots of full tables.

Beginners Tables:
Party Poker is a new-player friendly room. They offer beginner's tables, where players who have been playing at Party for some time are not allowed. You can have a seat at a Beginner's Table if you have signed up at party within the past 45 days. There are dozens of beginner table holdem ring games going at a time, with limits ranging from $.5/$1 up to $3/$6.


Party runs the what are probably the fastest filling Sit and Go tournaments on the net. The buy-ins range from $6 total to $215 total, and you can find action at any of the levels.

They deal lots of no limit texas holdem, but also offer pot limit and fixed limit games as well.

Omaha Hi-Lo and fans of both 7 Stud Hi and 8oBetter can also find Sit and Go tournament action, but not at as many different buy-ins.

Besides SnG's and multi-table tournaments, the room provides special tournaments. For example, they offer STEP tournaments, in which there are several levels of tournaments that culminate in one big prize pool. You can begin the journey at any STEP along the way, but if you start at the first step it will cost you $11 to enter. Winning palyers are awarded a free pass to a STEP 2 level tournament, where winning players are awarded a free pass to a STEP 3 level tournament. And so on, until at the final STEP level, the winners are awarded cash prizes.

There are three different STEP tournaments running at the same time. The original version, the Step Higher version and the Mini Steps, so you can choose the one that matches your desires or bankroll more closely.

There are just too many other special tournaments at the room to mention, and they're subject to change at any moment. Party Poker has absolutely amazing tournament action, with $1,000,000 guaraneteed events, $500,000 guaranteed events, $350,000 guaranteed events every week, $200,000 guaranteed events every week, the Party Poker Million seris and MORE.

The room runs mostly freeze-out tournaments, but they do offer tourneys in which rebuys and add-ons are allowed as well.

Players Rewards:

Besides reload bonuses for their veteran players, the room has a players comp system in place. There is a formula for earning comp points, and they can traded in on merchandise (mostly logowear) or used to gain extra starting chips in specific tournaments, or as a buy-in for specific tournaments.

Party also has a Bad Beat Jackpot and a High Hand Jackpot. Those jackpots are not awarded to anyone at the room the fulfills the conditions. There are specific tables at which you must be playing to qualify for either of those two progressive awards.

Liscences & Policies:

The room is liscenced and regulated by the Government of Gibraltar, and the games are tested by iTech Labs. The parent company, Party Gaming is traded on the London Stock exchange, ticker symbol: PRTY.

The room policy for minors is no one under 18 permitted at the tables.


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