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    Online casinos are terribly popular. They were around long before the online poker rooms, and there are probably thousands of them. Definitely hundreds and hundreds. Most are legitimate, but like anything else, there are definitely bad apples in the bunch.

    With all of the reputable online casinos out there, it's hard to choose just one as the most recommended. Many of them are really different, and people have their own tastes so it's really hit or miss as to whether someone will like a particular casino.

    Casino games are slanted in the favor of the house, so unlike poker, you cannot come out ahead over the long haul. You're paying to play, and calling it entertainment.

    Intercasino awards more player bonuses than the other casinos I've seen, so at least your gaming sessions are extended, and you are getting more entertainment for your dollar at that casino.

Other websites that focus on online casinos:

DMOZ Casinos listings - this is a big internet directory, and although this particular page doesn't list a gajillion casinos, you can find a LOT of casino-based stuff out by browsing their pages.

Online Casinos - is a quality online casino guide. They have information about not only the casinos themselves, but also strategy guides for all of the popular casino games from video poker down to baccarat.

There is a list of rules for most casino games at Online Casino Conditions. They also have tips for many games, and bankroll management advice. There's also advice tailored specifically for play at the online casinos, which bring their own conditions like wagering requirements, and deposit difficulties.

6 Best Online Casinos - offers rankings of several online casinos, a huge directory of casinos, and several free games that you can play.

Online Casinos Poker Blackjack - an online casino portal with online poker information as well. Sections on casino games like roulette, blackjack, craps and keno, free play games and online casino advice.

Casino Guide - The casino guide at Jacknoir is a clean, sharp-looking iste with information that reaches from casino game rules to recommended casinos, and even a player's forum.

Microgaming is one of hte leading makers of software used to power the online csinos. If you're interested in a look at what goes on behind the scenes, you might want to stop in.

Online Casinos US - 9 Top Online Casinos - Ranking of online casino and gambling sites

Big B Casinos - Online casino directory with casino, game and bonus analysis. Well, that and a lot of ads. Casino ads everywhere, but, if you're shopping for casinos to play at, then I guess that's something that would work well.

4 Internet Casinos - An internet casinos guide for serious players.

Talk Casinos - Looking for the Loosest online games, The best Bonuses, Free casino $$$. You found it and it's all free at Talk Casino's.

Online Casinos according to the Wiki - wikipedia is a good clearing house for information on a lot of topics, online casinos included. A quick read reveals statements like this "These software companies either use or claim to use random number generators to ensure that the numbers, cards or dice appear randomly." Heh, nothing like a healthy dose of cynacism in an objective work. Still, worthy of a mention.

No Download Online Casinos - A complete directory of online casinos where you can play instantly.

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