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Intermediate Holdem Strategy

     Once you've spent some time at the holdem tables, and are comfortable with concepts like drawing odds and can easily read the board, you're ready to take the step from break even poker player to someone that has extra chips each night to show for the time you've spent at the tables.

     One of the first things that players comfortable with the game run into is a pack of players that think online poker is a videogame. They hit buttons fast, bet a lot, play any cards given to them, and end up finding friendly rivers and taking down large pots.

     While it still makes me chuckle to hear someone complain that the reason they lost is because they were too good to beat the opposition, the truth is that the high action fun and gun games you often find online can be frustrating as all hell. Especially when you make the right decisions for four cards and the river rescue squad comes to the aid of your opposition.

     I've gotten permission to reprint an article from Lou Kreiger that tackles this subject, and have put a link to that and other intermediate level articles on the right. If you want advice on how to tackle the wild bunch at the tables, read Lou's article on playing and winning in Loose/Agressive games.

     I've also just started a series of articles designed to address common leaks in someone's poker game. The first of the series is about Cold Calling Raises. I've also just posted a second article that addresses Playing Marginal Hands Out of Position.

     Along with the article on Loose/Aggressive games, there are links to several other articles from Lou Kreiger dealing with various aspects of the game. One of the ones that I've taken most out of is the article on Betting Patterns. Reading that, I could easily see several of my regular opponents as the type of players he mentions. Needless to say, the time spent reading that article has paid off in spades at the tables.

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